Rademakers Foundry

Rademakers Foundry is a producer of premium grey cast iron products. We work for commissioning parties in various sectors, from the agricultural sector to mechanical engineering and from automotive to foundation technology. The core of our production is our smelting company, where we smelt iron with a hot wind cupola furnace. This is a fully automated process. We have a capacity of a maximum of 11 tonnes of molten iron per hour.

It is our aim to deliver the highest possible added value to our clients. This means that advice in the field of design and engineering plays an important role in the process. We support our clients in making the best choices when it comes to development, material and design. Preferably by being involved at the earliest possible stage.

We use specialised software to simulate the casting process to map out any risks before we start and to make adjustments if required. As a result, we can produce materials as efficiently as possible and you as a commissioning party can always rely on an optimal price-quality ratio.

3D scanner

Rademakers has a digital 3D scanner which we use to accurately check new models. We make a measuring report of every model. As a result, any problems can be detected and rectified beforehand. The advanced system even enables us to test complex models with live tracking and virtual assembly. In addition, we can properly monitor the wear and tear of the models with the 3D scanner.

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