Core moulding workshop

In our core moulding workshop we produce the cores required for creating cavities and spaces in non-solid casting. This is an important step in our production process, which runs fully automated. The core trays with which we form the cores are created from our CAD package. When producing cores we make use of chemically bonded sand. We have core shooting machines with a maximum of 40 litres and work with cold box and hot box systems.

Smelting company

Rademakers has a smelting company where we smelt iron with a hot-wind cupola furnace. This is a fully automated process. We have capacity for a maximum of 11 tonnes of molten iron per hour. In addition, we work with a holding furnace with a capacity of 18 tonnes.

Moulding workshop

In the moulding workshop the shapes required for the casting are produced. This is also an automated process. The sand preparation process takes place in the sand preparation department where the sand condition in each mixer is constantly monitored. Based on these measurement results the production process is optimised and adjusted. We have an HWS moulding machine with a capacity of 170 moulding boxes per hour and a laser-controlled casting machine with which two boxes can be filled at the same time. As a result we can achieve higher speeds and the production time is lessened. The dimensions of the box in our moulding line is 700 x 800 x 250/250 mm. So we can mould products up to 90 kilos.

Production dashboard

Rademakers works with an advanced real time production dashboard, with which we have a clear picture of all the key details of our production process. All order-related data is stored centrally and is quick and easy to retrieve. The details shown on the dashboard come from various software packages and sensors. The dashboard shows work instructions and the corresponding product specifications. The system gives recommendations on the daily production list, in which the measured values are compared to the standard values per item. As a result our production is even more efficient.

With the dashboard all departments in our factory have a good understanding in the production. Production data, work instructions, material data, standards and iron specifications: everything comes together in a single information system. The big advantage is that it enables us to make a better product and better ensure the quality.

Follow-up trajectory

At Rademakers the follow-up trajectory consists of three departments. The pre-processing, finishing and paint shop. In pre-processing the products are separated from the casting system and blasted. Depending on your product we make use of an overhead conveyor blasting machine or a drum blasting machine. After pre-processing your product is finished, deburred and honed. This is done manually or automatically with one of our Koyama grinders. If you wish, the products are painted in an immersion system. We have five colours of paint available: red brown, black, blue, green and grey.

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